King Phisher is a SecureState-designed program for running email-based social engineering campaigns. SecureState set out to create a phishing tool that would meet the highly specialized demands of their clients. The tool comes with several default templates for both emails and landing pages and also has features such as SMS reporting and credential harvesting, which other tools rarely support.

The aim of the project has been to help increase and test user awareness against email based social engineering threats. Furthermore, King Phisher makes adding a tracking dot to its phished victims relatively easy. Using this feature, users who open their emails and load images can be tracked to identify valid email addresses. This is the tactic that can be leveraged against Google’s new default Gmail image loading policy.

In this informative and exciting webinar, SecureState experts will cover:

  • An overview of the King Phisher tool
  • Installing King Phisher and getting started
  • Tips on running an effective phishing campaign with King Phisher
  • Analyzing the results of a phishing campaign