White Paper

It’s been true for quite some time now: Phishing is among the most—if not the most—successful way to achieve a compromise. 

Phishing is social engineering in the form of malicious emails. By impersonating someone users may trust, the perpetrator attempts to convince users to perform a harmful action. Common manifestations include tricking users into transferring money, revealing sensitive information, or downloading malicious files.

SecureState analyzed the phishing campaigns it conducted from 2015 through Quarter 1 2017 to find what worked, what didn't, and what's coming. 

What The Research Covers:

  • Baiting the Hook: How we got our data
  • Casting the Line: How we phish
  • Reeling It In: How users stack up
  • Measuring the Phish: How industries compare
  • Catch and Release: How to improve