SecureState’s Attack and Defense team conducts hundreds of penetration tests each year in industries ranging from retail and healthcare to legal, manufacturing, and finance. SecureState continues to track the attack vectors our penetration testers use during our assessments categorized by industry since 2011. During the analysis of our data, SecureState has determined the top five attack vectors that attackers will use to break into an organization. Join Tom Eston, Manager of SecureState’s Attack & Defense team and Robert Miller, SecureState’s Defensive services Team Lead as they discuss the details of SecureState’s statistics and the ramifications to your organization.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • The top five vectors attackers are breaking into organizations, by industry, and a close look at how these attack vectors are exploited
  • What your organization needs to do to prevent these attack vectors
  • Why you should have any defensive controls assessed prior to your organization conducting a penetration test