Case Study


While the push to create internet enabled devices is understandable from the perspective of adding functionality to a product, the security concerns of this enabling are very real and need to be taken into consideration.

A client asked SecureState to perform a variety of testing on their mobile application as a final test before pushing it out to the production environment. This application connected to their devices over Bluetooth and allowed for a variety of device state tracking by their customers using a smartphone with the app. The app then connects to the cloud to share and receive what data is needed.

Mobile Application Security Assessment (MAS):

Mobile applications are becoming a bigger part of the consumer shopping experience. In addition to all the sensitive customer information handled by web applications, mobile apps may handle additional sensitive data including high resolution real-time location and an end users contacts. SecureState’s MAS assessments demonstrate how an attacker could compromise data or the application itself. These assessments facilitate compliance with various requirements, demonstrate security due diligence, and help protect sensitive data.