White Paper

"Internet of Things" (IoT) devices expose consumers to attackers in new and unique ways. As IoT becomes more relevant in our lives, it is important to keep a security focused mindset when approaching, utilizing, and disposing these devices.

IoT devices are generally a small microcomputer designed to do one or two functions to increase your ease of life. SecureState used the AWS IoT Button as an example of these devices to highlight how to conduct hardware attacks, how to recover information following an attack, and how to protect against them. The results demonstrate some of the common vulnerabilities in IoT devices, as well as the importance of performing Device Penetration Tests.

Inside This White Paper:

  • Preliminary Research
  • Hardware Breakdown
  • Recorvering Information
  • How to Protect Yourself

Device Penetration Test:

Testing how emerging threats can target new technology is challenging because existing security assessment tools will often not suffice. Since the technology is new, current tools often aren't designed to test them, or test for old attack vectors not being used by emerging threats. SecureState's adaptive logical device penetration testing methodology can identify vulnerabilities within these systems, so they can be properly mitigated.