For the last 3 years SecureState has been proud to release our annual Attack Vectors Report which aggregates the results of various assessments performed throughout the year. These assessments are designed to not only simulate as closely as possible the behavior of an attacker, but also determine the control maturity of organizations SecureState has engaged with throughout the year. In essence, we look at the most successful attack methodologies and how they measure against an organization’s defenses. From this information we are able to draw conclusions and identify relevant patterns. In this webinar the author of the 2016 report, Ken Smith, will discuss the findings.

The review will examine 2016's results in:

  • Penetration testing and INFOSEC patterns
  • Attack vectors in external penetration testing
  • Attack vectors in internal penetration testing
  • INFOSEC control areas in correlation to successful compromises
  • Remediation efforts